The Legacy of the Enola Gay

75 years ago today, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. This, along with the dropping of a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki three days later led to the end of deadliest conflict in human history, and ushered the world into the nuclear age. The devastation is beyond comprehension. As many as […]

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When Dr. Seuss Went To War

115 years ago today, a man who changed the lives of millions of children was born.  He would sell over 650 million children’s books and help millions of children fall in love with reading, thereby handing them the keys to the universe.   His real name was Theodore Geisel, but you probably know him better […]

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Every Picture is Bigger

Early this morning I was perusing the internet and came across two intriguing pictures.  They were on a twitter site called “Weird history.”  They showed two boys. One of them a nine year old from New York named Kevin Gorman, the other is Dionni, the son of the Chief of the Masai tribe of Kenya. […]

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