Thinking About America Today

Happy Independence Day! Today, like all days, is a great day to think about your country. I’ve been so thankful to see so many people paying more attention to the history of the United States lately. Recent events have sparked an impressive curiosity and quest for understanding amongst many. I appreciate it when people seek […]

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The Saint Who Taught Ruby Bridges

I’ve seen many people post two pictures regarding Ruby Bridges on social media quite a bit lately. I agree with those posting these pictures, as they are both incredibly moving. For those who may not be familiar with the story, Ruby was the first elementary student to integrate a school in New Orleans. She was […]

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The Long Walk Home

I was camping last friday night in the North Cascades of Washington.  Enjoying the campfire, a cold beverage, and some music.  Bruce Springsteen’s “Long Walk Home” came on.  It was written in 2007 about the Iraq war, and how hard it was going to be to ever get out of that mess.  It seemed to […]

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