The Social Media I Now Miss

Every once in awhile in the past decade, I’ve been annoyed when certain fads and trends have overtaken Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  In light of all the recent hostility on social media, I realized that rather than roll my eyes and scoff, I should have enjoyed the good old days while they were here.  So, […]

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“My Coach Hates Me”

Sitting on the bench is tough.  It is tough for kids, tough for parents.  The easy way to handle it is to shift the blame to the person in charge.  The unhappy athlete will surely have the opportunity to do that, but they are passing up a real opportunity for growth.  They will miss out […]

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A.J. Schlatter: Still Leading

A.J. Schlatter should have turned 22 yesterday.  He should have been playing defense alongside his close childhood friend Sam Bodine and the rest of his Portland State brothers against U.C. Davis.  There is little doubt that he would have played great.  He would have stretched his performance far beyond what his physical gifts should have […]

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Remember the Mayflower

397 years ago today, the “Mayflower” left England for the new world.  They were 102 religious separatists that wanted freedom, and needed to find a place that would allow it to them.  They had already unsuccessfully tried Holland a decade earlier, but were given only low wage and menial jobs, often treated as social outcasts. […]

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