Happy Second Birthday to “Timeless Trivia”

Today marks the second anniversary of the publication of “Timeless Trivia Volume One” I’m very proud of the story of these books, and how they came to be. I think it is a good story. If you don’t know it- here it is: In March of 2020, during the strictest days of Covid Lockdown, students […]

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Julia Child: Chef…..and patriot

Happy birthday to Ms. Julia Child, born August 15, 1912. Many know her as the first female chef to have a television show, who taught Americans how to make delicious, often French meals for four decades while publishing 18 books. However, there is more to her story. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, she […]

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Marie Blevins: True servant

67 years ago today, an amazing story happened that is known by far too few. Griffin school in Monticello, Kentucky became the first school in the United States to integrate based upon the Supreme Court’s “Brown Vs. Board of Education” ruling the year before. Their school year ran from July to February, so they were […]

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