Happy Second Birthday to “Timeless Trivia”

Today marks the second anniversary of the publication of “Timeless Trivia Volume One”

I’m very proud of the story of these books, and how they came to be. I think it is a good story. If you don’t know it- here it is:

In March of 2020, during the strictest days of Covid Lockdown, students and former students began reaching out to me expressing their boredom and frustration. Several of them asked me to do something to help them pass the time. We threw around some ideas and decided on a daily trivia contest on Instagram Live?”

So, we started playing every night. We usually had somewhere between 30 and 50 competitors (plus whoever was helping the in the background.)

Each night, the prize was a $20 gift certificate to a local restaurant, trying to help them in a difficult time. In our community of Canby, we have several establishments that always say yes when we ask for help…..so it was time for everyone to do what they could to return the favor.

The amazing thing that happened is the players, often young people, would say something like “I’m doing fine right now. Why don’t you keep that 20 bucks, I’ll match it….making it a 40 dollar gift, then you can give it to someone who needs it worse.”

One of our outstanding teachers and dance coach, Jen Chaffee would then discretely find a way to make sure a $40 gift certificate to a family who needed it. Did it save the world? No…..but it helped, and at it made people realize that there are still a lot of good young people out there who care about their neighbors and community.

It made me very proud of the people I’ve been lucky enough to know.

We played about 50 nights. It was great to connect with old friends, family, students and former students when we all realized how valuable those relationships were.

After awhile, I had amassed a ton of trivia questions. A few friends asked for copies of the questions for their virtual gatherings with friends and family. I obliged, but then had the thought of turning them into a book. The first one sold enough that I made another….and then five more.

To celebrate the anniversary, they are all now on sale for $7 on Amazon…..through the end of the day on Friday, September 2nd.

They each have 1000 questions, and are designed for a wide variety of people.

They are each a little different:

Volumes One and Three: General Trivia

Volume Two: Trivia about Holidays

Volume Four: Trivia about the Pacific Northwest

Volume Five: Trivia about the Southwest

Volume Six: Junior Edition for the young and young at heart.

Volume Seven: Music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s edition.

Coming soon: Volume Eight- Music of the 80s and 90s.

***Please don’t forget to write a review on Amazon if you have bought one, or will buy one….they are really helpful!

Here is a link to where the books can be found:



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