42 Years Ago Tonight: A Deadly Plane Crash in Portland


On December 27, 1978 United Airlines pilot Malburn, “Buddy” Mcbroom was making his thirteenth flight to Portland, Oregon. He was a world war two veteran and well experienced pilot. Everything seemed to be going routine, as a little after 5:00 P.M., Mcbroom told the passengers to look out the right side of the plane for a view of beautiful Mount Hood and the nighttime skiers. Then, as the plane lowered its landing gear, something went wrong. The passengers and crew heard a loud boom, the plane shook. The control light that said “landing gear locked in place” went out, and the crew was unsure whether it would be safe to land.

Mcbroom radioed the tower and told them he would circle the airport while they tried to figure out what to do. They circled for over an hour, worrying about the landing gear problem but not paying attention to the…

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