“Timeless Trivia Volume II” Is Now Available


I have released the second volume of my trivia book series titled “Timeless Trivia Volume II, The Most Wonderful Timeless Trivia of the Year” has been released on Amazon.

The book contains chapters consisting of questions and answers related to all of the major holidays of the year.

The intent is to provide good family fun for all ages, or for someone to simply challenge themselves. The book contains 1000 questions for people of all ages and all types. An 80 year old and 5 year old each have the opportunity to know some of the answers, and be stumped by others.

You can purchase the new book by clicking on the picture here:

Here is the table of contents and some sample pages:

If you still haven’t purchased Volume I, you can do it here:

Also, “Timeless Trivia” has both a Facebook page and an instagram page, where I post challenging questions each day. 

Thank You and Happy Holidays!



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