The Gettysburg Address: You memorized it, but do you understand it?

Today is the anniversary of the Gettysburg address. A good time for a re-reading.


Today is the 157th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. So many people had to memorize this at some point in their life, but so few understand what it means.
The Gettysburg address is a beautiful piece of oratory, but it is also a challenge to America to live to its promise. In the summer of 1776, men gathered in Philadelphia and wrote down the words “All Men were created equal.” (Should’ve said “people”) No one had ever written that down before, and it was going to be the foundation of this country.
Lincoln reminded his audience of then, as these words should remind us today that America is not perpetually guaranteed. It is an idea that must be constantly fought for. He reminded us what we owe to those in our past, and those in our future.Gettysburg-Address-Photo
Too few people today fully comprehend what America is supposed to…

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