The Picture That Reminds Us of What We Could Be

It was four years ago today that the iconic picture of George W. Bush and Michelle Obama was taken, with John Lewis sharing the stage.


One year ago today, September 24, 2016 the National Museum of African American History and Culture was opened. At it, a picture was taken that captured the hearts of America. Squarely in the middle of a heated and contentious election campaign, it showed an African American First Lady and former caucasian President sharing a tender embrace. They looked like two old friends comforted and happy to be sharing a special moment. They were. In addition to warming our hearts, it should also teach us. Two people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, philosophies, and political parties can still be good friends.

The friendship began in December of 2008 when the Obama family, including young daughters Sasha and Malia travelled to Washington D.C. to take a tour of their new home, the White House. George W. Bush is the son of a man who was once Senator, Director of the C.I.A., Vice President…

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