Happy Birthday To My Favorite Teacher: Bruce Springsteen

Happy 71st to the Boss!!!!!


Today is the 68th birthday of Bruce Springsteen.  I like birthdays.  It is a time for us to pause and honor people.  It is a chance to think about the person  and their qualities we should try to imitate.  Birthdays provide the opportunity to reflect upon the impact someone has made on your own development over the years.  Ever since I was in middle school, Bruce Springsteen has inspired me, entertained me, and accompanied me through good and bad times even though we have never met.  Most importantly, he has taught me.  I’ve been abundantly blessed to have many incredible mentors in my life, even some I’ve never met.   It is hard to imagine someone I don’t even personally know teach me so much, but when I think about the values and beliefs I hold today, many of them have been shaped by the music and the life of…

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