Moonlight Graham: One Game, Zero At Bats

There is no doubt that “Field of Dreams” is one of the best baseball movies, if not movies ever made.
One of its great characters was named Archibald “Moonlight” Graham. Most people don’t know that there was a real life “Moonlight” Graham, who the movie character was based on.
The real “Moonlight” Graham joined the New York Giants on May 23, 1905. He sat on the bench for over a month. On June 29th, Giants manager John Mcgraw put Graham in at right field in the 8th inning. Nobody hit the ball his way. In the ninth, Graham was on deck when the third out was recorded. He never played again, and 16 days later he went back to the minor leagues. He never returned to the big leagues. His career stats finished at one game played, Zero at bats.
Graham went back to school and became a Doctor. He served his beloved home of Chisolm, Minnesota for 40 years. He would arrange to have eyeglasses delivered to him, and every saturday he would open his office for poor kids to come in and get free glasses. Miner’s children from Michigan all the way to Virginia would travel to Minnestoa to visit him. They would be examined and fitted with free glasses.
Archibald “Moonlight” Graham died fifty five years ago today. August 25, 1965.
To this day, there is a scholarship fund in his name. Every year at Chisholm High School, one boy and one girl are awarded the “Doc Graham” scholarship to help pay for college.
“Moonlight” had a brother Frank, who was the President of the University of North Carolina, and later a Senator from North Carolina.

It is great to be an outstanding ballplayer, but even greater to be an outstanding person. R.I.P. “Moonlight” and thank you for bringing so much sunlight.

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