Robin Williams Five Years Later

Today marks 6 years since Mr. Williams death.


Five years ago today, we were shocked by the tragic news that Robin Williams unthinkably took his own life.

Americans took this hard, as many felt like they had lost a close friend. Some older people remembered him as the genius who made them laugh clear back to the Mork from Ork days. Youngsters identified most with Genie from Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire. Personally, it stung me because “Dead Poets Society” was a huge reason I became a teacher.

He seemed so happy, so funny, so loved………how could he do this?  For many, it was our first understanding that regardless of what someone appeared to be on the outside, inside could be a completely different story.

The anniversary should be a good time to reflect on mental health, depression, and suicide.  

Here are some statistics regarding suicide in the United States, from the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education:


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2 thoughts on “Robin Williams Five Years Later

  1. Thanks BobI enjoy reading your stories and history lessons. Pattyfeitnaf From Lexington class of 68 

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