The Klan in Our Capital

On August 8-9, 1925, they bussed and took trains from all over the country. Nearly 40,000 Klan members descended upon our nation’s capital. On Saturday they marched. They were not met with scorn, rather they were welcomed by the still segregated city.
There were signs in store and hotel windows that said “Welcome KKK”
They didn’t just come from the south. Two of the largest delegations were from Pennsylvania and New York.
It was the height of the Klan, as membership was nearly 5 million. Around ten percent of which were women.

Click on this link to see video of the march:

On Sunday, a crowd of 75,000 gathered at Arlington National Cemetery. They burned an 80 foot tall cross next to the tomb of the unknown soldier, and held a swearing in ceremony for new members.
They weren’t just anti- black. They targeted Catholics, Jews, and other immigrants also. They also took it upon themselves to police and punish “immorality” going after drinkers and adulterers as well.
It is telling that they marched with our Capitol building in the background without their hoods covering their faces. They felt little sense that they should hide their identity as they marched down the same streets that human beings were bought and sold on just two generations prior. Their is an obvious smugness and lack of fear of any penalty evident in their faces.
Think this is forever ago…meaningless history? Think again.
Just like your parents have influenced and shaped you, these marchers shaped and influenced their kids. Many of those children are still alive.
Today our country stands at a crossroads. The next election will define who we want to be in our future, and the values we will hold.
In less than three months, we will get the chance to vote at for positions at every level of government.
Use that power to vote for those who will fight to push our country forward in unity regardless of our differences in skin color, ethnicity, religion, or choices in lifestyle and love.

Remember that the video you see attached is not that long ago, and we must all stand together to reject the hate that far too many either embrace or ignore.

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