Thinking About America Today

Happy Independence Day!

Today, like all days, is a great day to think about your country.

I’ve been so thankful to see so many people paying more attention to the history of the United States lately. Recent events have sparked an impressive curiosity and quest for understanding amongst many. I appreciate it when people seek to comprehend the link between our past and our present.

American history is complicated.

I see and hear many focusing on the terrible and regrettable events in our past: slavery, genocide, child labor, discrimination against the LGBTQ community, Japanese American internment camps, sexism, bigotry, provoking war, stealing land, etc.

It is true, they all happened, and they are all shameful.

However, it is also important to understand the many good things that America has done for itself and the world.

Our ideals of democracy, opportunity, freedom, equality, rule of law, etc. were almost entirely new to the human race. We represented a new way of thinking about how government and life were supposed to work. These ideals and principles also set an example followed by many other countries hoping to do the same.

With our allies, we defeated the Nazis and the imperial Japanese. We have protected much of the world from the evils of communism and terrorism. We have also rebuilt nations ravaged by war and disaster. Please don’t underestimate the value of this for ourselves and many others.

We have led the way in universal education and stood up for human rights. We have fed the hungry, helped and healed all over the world.

We have been leaders in innovation, technology, science, and the arts.

We have been a shelter from the storm as well as a place of refuge and new opportunity for many millions fleeing war, famine, and oppression.

You don’t have to think America is perfect to love, appreciate, and celebrate it. It is not perfect, but it is not a failure either.

Once again, please think about our country. There is room in those thoughts for both pride and the demand that we do better.

Also, please understand that the most important chapters in American history are the ones yet to be written, and together we will be their authors.


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