God Is Sending You a Message: “Listen to the Scientists”


Today is the birthday of Alexander Fleming. It will come and go with little, if any celebration.  Don’t know who I’m talking about? That is okay, I’m guessing only about one percent of people world wide do, even though a much greater percentage owe their lives to him.  I think we should have and Alexander Fleming day today.  I also think we should have an Edmund Jenner day, each May 17th for his birthday.  Don’t know him either? No hard feelings, but he is thought to have saved more people than any other in history on this planet.  Who are these people?

The most under appreciated group of people out there, and it is time we talked about changing that.

Photo Credit: Encyclopedia Brittanica

Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin.  By doing that, he probably has saved between 150 and 200 million lives.  It is reasonable to say that without Penicillin…

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