The War on Poverty: One That Should Be Fought.

Today marks the 55th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson launching the war on poverty. This is the blog I wrote two years ago about it.


The war on Poverty transcends politics, or at least it should.

55 years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the “Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. It was the major legislative piece of his “War on Poverty.”  It devoted over 1 billion dollars to creating programs such as Title I, Medicare, Medicaid, Job Corps, Head Start and Food Stamps to help the many in this country whose opportunities were limited by economic disadvantage.


There is ample disagreement to be sure on the success of President Johnson’s “War On Poverty.”  Five decades later, there is no question that it has helped many.  Others might say that it has hurt many by increasing the American tax burden, and making people lazy and dependent on government aid.

Can we all agree on one thing?  We should be working to reduce the amount of people living in poverty in this country.

You might approach…

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