Magic Turns 60, A Feat Nobody Saw Coming in 1991

Happy 60th birthday to Magic Johnson!

Few athletes in any sport were more fun to watch, while also being tremendous winners. Magic didn’t just play basketball, he changed basketball.

For my generation, everyone remembers where they were when he announced he had H.I.V..

We were all convinced he would die in an ugly way, soon.

That was 28 years ago. It is a testament to the science and health fields that he is not only alive today, but thriving. Sadly, millions who didn’t have his money were not so lucky.

I was lucky enough to meet Magic once. He was working out at a 24 hour fitness in Las Vegas in 2004. I waited until he was resting in between sets to approach. I introduced myself, thanked him for all he had done for kids in the inner cities. I said to him, “Thank you for being an inspiration he to everyone fighting a deadly disease, keep fighting.”

When I offered my hand to shake, he grabbed it, pulled me in, gave me a soul hug and said, “Thank you Bob, that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.”


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