75 Years Ago Today: The First Of Many Kennedy Tragedies

75 years ago today, the oldest of the Kennedy children, Joseph P. Jr. was killed in action during World War Two. This started a long line of tragedy and early death for the Kennedy family.

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was incredibly smart, handsome, and talented. His father had been grooming him to be President since he was a small child.

When World War Two came, he joined the Navy.

Kennedy had already flown 25 combat missions, and was eligible to go home. However, he volunteered for Operation Aphrodite. The premise behind the operation was to load planes up with tons of explosives and have the pilots parachute out of the planes before they hit their targets. The planes would be guided towards their targets via remote control. Kennedy’s plane had over 20,000 pounds of explosives on it.

Joseph P. Kennedy’s plane exploded over England before he and his partner could jump out. No body was ever found. He was only 29 years old.

The program was a total failure. There were 12 missions, and only one made it to its target. Aphrodite killed more Americans than Nazis.

Four years later, his younger sister Kathleen was killed at the age of 28 in a plane crash while on vacation.

Another sister, Rosemary Kennedy suffered from intellectual disability. She was given a lobotomy at age 23.

It was unsuccessful, and after the surgery she had the intellectual abilities of a two year old. She spent the rest of her life in institutions. Her father didn’t even visit her for over two decades.

John F. Kennedy was 46 when he was publicly murdered, Robert was 43 when he was.

So many want fame, power, and wealth for themselves and their families. Those might be nice, but not nearly as nice as happiness and health. If you and those you love are happy and healthy, quit hoping to win the lottery.

You already have.

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