Satchel Paige, The Star That Too Few Got To See Shine

Happy birthday to Satchel Paige, born on July 7, 1906 in Mobile, Alabama.

He was one of the most dominant and exciting pitchers in baseball history, unfortunately, he did not make his major league debut until the age of 42.

For 24 years, Paige dazzled the semi pro leagues, exhibition games, and the Negro leagues. However, because of the color of his skin he was never allowed to pitch in the major leagues until 1948. He was the oldest rookie ever.

Bigotry robbed not only Satchel Paige, but the world. Millions missed out on the opportunity to watch someone talented, unique, and incredibly charismatic.


Who knows how many kids could have been inspired by him? Sadly, they were never allowed that chance because of the rules of the people who came before them.

Discrimination is very damaging to those who are discriminated against. What the perpetrators of bigotry often don’t realize is how much they hurt and rob themselves as well.

It is depressing to think of how many stars were never allowed to shine because of some stupid reason like the color of their skin, gender, religion, orientation, a disability, or anything else.

Not just athletes and entertainers. We missed out on leaders, artists, scientists, poets, teachers, doctors, and so on.

Sad for them. Sad for the rest of us too.
Discrimination is theft from humanity.

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