A Parade to Demonstrate American Strength is a Wonderful Idea!

July 4, 2019 will include a massive parade in our Nation’s capital to celebrate its birthday and demonstrate the strength of our wonderful nation.  I think this is a great idea, it  just needs some additions.


In addition to honoring our outstanding military, it should also proudly display all the other things that truly make us strong.  These are the characteristics and virtues that many throughout the world and history have been too brittle and weak to embrace.
We should have floats that feature:

– Members of all religions, including atheists. We could show the world and remind ourselves that we are strong enough to live side by side with those who don’t worship in the same way we do. Imagine a priest, rabbi, and an iman walking at the front of the parade with their arms interlocked in solidarity.

Boy would that make our enemies shiver.


– Members of all ethnic groups, whose families have come from all corners of the world to contribute to our incredible country.  We are the most diverse and grandest experiment in world history, and we should put that on display for all to see.  We should show off this melting pot like a nine year old showing grandpa their first trophy.
– As many Veterans as possible from wars against the Nazis, Imperial Japanese, Communists and terrorists. They should serve as a reminder of not only the values our brave men and women fought to defend, but also the evils they so bravely defeated. Honor these soldiers on July 4 and every other day by fighting for the idealism that led them to put the uniform on in the first place.
– Guests from nations who we liberated from tyranny and oppression, as a reminder to ourselves and others that America has stood for not only our freedom but the freedom of all.
– Native Americans to show that we honor and value the people who were here first, and that we are strong enough to recognize our past mistreatment of them and work for reconciliation.  How great would it be to see our President invite Native Americans to share the stage with him when he gives his speech to celebrate our country?
-Scientists and researchers to remind us and the world that America has led the way in technology and medicine to save lives and make them better.  We should honor these people not only to show appreciation for what they have already done, but as encouragement to do more.
– Reporters, journalists, writers, etc and their crews to honor those that have consistently put themselves in harms way to bring us the truth and hold our leaders accountable.  Let us pronounce to the world that we are strong enough to embrace free speech, including that which criticizes us.  Maybe their float could have a banner with big bold lettering saying “Friends of the People!”
– Members of the LGBTQ community to show those too weak to accept others and the  countries who have discriminatory laws and practices against them that we are strong enough to accept people based on their merit and character, not how they love.
– Leaders in the areas of volunteerism, philanthropy and compassion. America has consistently rushed to the aid of others all over the world when tragedy has struck. In our history, we have been strong enough to love other humans, regardless of borders…..and maybe this would be a good time for a reminder of that.
– Civil Rights Leaders from our past and present. People who have fought inside this country to make it better inside this country and live up to the promises of July 4, 1776. Those who have been willing to go to jails, hospitals, and sometimes morgues to fight for the rights of African Americans, women, latinos, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, etc. The President should invite John Lewis to be the grand marshall.
We definitely should have a parade.  One that celebrates America while encouraging people to also think about it.  

I think President Trump’s idea of showing America’s strength is a great idea, I just would like to see him broaden his understanding of what American strength actually  is.

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