Beverly Cleary: From the Lowest Reading Group to the Greatest Authors List

103 years ago today, Beverly Cleary was born.  She  one of the most important children’s authors of all time. Her books have sold over 93 million copies, and changed many lives.

She was born in Yamhill, Oregon. (Very small town in the heart of Oregon wine country) Her house was the first in the area with a bathtub, but they had no library in the area.

When she was six, her family moved to Portland. She was placed in the lowest level reading group in her school, and felt ashamed and terrified.

Thankfully, the librarian reached out to her and spent extra time after school each day helping her get caught up.

She would go on to write stories based on her neighborhood near the streets of Klickitat and Tilamook.

Her old elementary school in Northeast Portland is now named after her. Down the street at U.S. Grant park is a series of statues and plaques celebrating Cleary’s work. One is a statue of one of her most famous characters, Ramona.

Photo Credit:Bob Hammitt

Photo Credit: Bob Hammitt

Bless anyone who helps kids catch the passion to read. Bless that librarian to take the time to help a struggling child reach her potential.

Helping someone fall in love with reading and writing is like handing them the keys to the universe.

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