Happy Birthday to the Long Haired, Dark Skinned Refugee

Since the vast majority of entries honor events and people on their days of birth, I would be remiss not to say:

Happy birthday Jesus!

Regardless of where people fall along the spectrum of faith and spirituality, the teachings of Jesus are pretty hard to argue with. I have to think the world would be a lot better place if more of us tried to follow his example.

Please always remember he was a long haired, brown skinned, homeless refugee who hung out with the sinners, prostitutes, beggars, drunks, lepers, and thieves.

Not once was it a requirement of his that you had to look like him or think like him to receive love and compassion from him.

Also, please try to remember the story of his birth. His pregnant young mother journeyed 90 difficult up and downhill miles in freezing temperatures under the constant threat of outlaws to a place he would not be welcome. After no one was able to find room for Joseph and Mary, Jesus was born in a stable where animals were raised.

After he was born, King Herrod ordered all children under the age of two to be slaughtered, because he feared Jesus threatened his crown. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were forced to flee to Egypt by foot and donkey where they lived in exile for years.

If we were sent back two thousand years, we would want to be the ones who showed them compassion. We can’t do that, so we get the chance to show compassion to people we come across in similar situations in the present day.

P.S.- I’m happy to see that many of you are enjoying a White Christmas this year. I hope you enjoy playing that song several times today with the people you love.

Just remember it was written by Irving Berlin, also a Jewish refugee.


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