Who is Robert Mueller?

You don’t have to look hard these days to find people disparaging Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor assigned to investigate Russian meddling in the Presidential election of 2016.  He has been called everything from “Rogue” to “Treasonous.”  Every time I hear and read this, I wonder if those people have any idea about the background of the man they are slandering.

In 1967,  Robert Mueller wanted to join the marines and serve in Vietnam. His knee was injured, so they made him wait a year.

He began serving in 1968. While in Vietnam he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with combat “V”, A Purple Heart, two Navy and Marine Commendation Medals with combat “V”, a combat action ribbon, a National Defense Medal, a Vietnam Service Medal with three service stars, a Gallantry Cross, and Parachutist Badge.

He was once shot in the leg, but returned to fighting a few weeks later.

He graduated from Princeton, and the Virginia school of law.

Mr. Mueller would serve as a U.S. Attorney, assistant U.S. Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and in 2001 he would be appointed by George W. Bush to be director of the F.B.I. He would be asked to stay on by President Obama for two more years. When he was confirmed by the Senate to stay on, the vote was 100-0. His tenure as F.B.I. Director is the second longest ever.

While he was director of the F.B.I., Mr. Mueller made every new hire spend one full day touring the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. He said, “We want them to fully understand the consequences of what happens when law enforcement doesn’t do it’s job.”

Last year, Mr. Mueller was asked to lead the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election by deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

During this investigation, Mr. Mueller has received a barrage of insults about his character, integrity, and motives. Those people must not understand what it means to be a combat tested marine, who has been as big of a living patriot as this country holds today.

The next time you hear someone questioning the integrity of Robert Mueller, feel free to pass this along.


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