My Favorite Marathon Finish

Two years ago today was a day I’m very grateful for.  I got to make a new friend and hero. It is a great story, but requires some background. I’ve run five full marathons while carrying the American flag.  The first one was in May, 2013.  I ran my first Boston Marathon 13 days before. […]

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Oregon State 1 , Hate 0

Cody Patterson was a 24 year old Army Ranger from Philomath, Oregon serving in Afghanistan.  On October 6, 2013 he had two weeks left to finish his second tour of duty.  On that day he and three others were killed while trying to stop a suicide bomber.  They were successful in stopping the bomber.   […]

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We Must Support the Troops

Sixteen years ago today, a U.S. led coalition launched attacks in Afghanistan in retaliation for the September 11th attacks, to destroy Al Qaeda and remove the Taliban government from power.  This would mark the beginning of the “War on terror” which would later include Iraq and other deadly conflict zones.  Officially, the U.S. Government has […]

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Smoking with Fred Flintstone

57 years ago today, “The Flintstones” made their television debut.  I loved them, and was far from alone.   It ran in prime time for six seasons, and prior to “The Simpsons” it was the most successful animated series in television history.  To this day, it is still tremendously popular and important part in American […]

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Former Presidents and Friends

Yesterday, we were treated to a wonderful picture of three of our former Presidents watching golf together.  They were at the President’s cup in New Jersey, and seemed to be enjoying the company of each other.  Usually when ex Presidents get together it is for a funeral, disaster relief, or something else of a serious […]

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